Just as a baby needs to crawl before he can learn to walk, so is learning multiplication and knowing your times tables in other areas in mathematics - concepts such as division, long multiplication, fractions and algebra. Students who have not memorized the times tables will find these levels of math much more difficult than it really is, and many times the problem only gets worse the older they get. Using a calculator is also not the answer since it takes much longer to key in the correct values to find the answer. There is also no time to take 30 seconds to work out a math strategy before coming up with the answer. Students who have not mastered their tables will very often fall behind in math (and other subjects that use math) and begin to loose confidence. All because they did not memorize the times tables!

Like most other things in life, practice makes perfect, and with our latest product - Time for Tables, your kids will love to practice and play with the interactive games and exercises.

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"I have used your times tables software and found it have helped both my children and me tremendously"  - Tracy Smith, South Africa

"I bought your program over the weekend for my daughter in grade 3.  Her accuracy improved considerably in just a few days! She is now much more confident!  I've already told all my friends about this amazing program. Thank you very much!" -  Debbie Stevens, Brisbane

"I have spend hundreds of dollars on educational software, but have never seen such quality and comprehensive software for such a low price! Congratulations on a superb piece of software!" - Jason M, New York
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©2009 - Edupro